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Slitting process in flexible packaging

We employ an exacting combination of pre-press and printing expertise and technologies. Your package must be beautiful and functional. In addition to attracting consumers and representing your brand, your package must keep your product fresh and safe.

Signature Flexible Packaging will assist in every step. Need package graphics design expertise? We are experts in helping with design development. We also work with your designer to insure your graphics are optimized for our printing process.

In almost every instance, we have the experience to recommend the optimum flexible packaging structure best suited for your product. Looking to enhance shelf-life? We have the most technologically advanced barrier films and can work with food labs to help with shelf life studies. Production and graphics orders are closely monitored to insure every step of your order proceeds timely and accurately.

Artwork changes are checked, re-checked and triple checked during every phase of the new order process. In many cases, material testing occurs during a new order scale-up to make sure your film structure works perfectly prior to commercial delivery. Signature Flexible Packaging is expert in all facets of flexible packaging converting.

Well established processes and highly trained employees insure uniformity during all phases of production.

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Over 50 quality control checks occur during printing, laminating, slitting and bag making. In many cases, our clients visit for press approvals on new designs to insure total satisfaction.

You need it fast? Quick and accurate is our business. We pride ourselves on timely delivery to keep you in production. Our job is not complete until you are running production. JIT requirements may necessitate we warehouse your finished rolls or bags. Raw material stocking programs can be implemented to shorter lead-times. Successful order deliveries are just a part of our goal- to be your long term flexible packaging supplier.

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Phone: Fax: Info signatureflexible. Recent News. Discovery Your package must be beautiful and functional. Development Production and graphics orders are closely monitored to insure every step of your order proceeds timely and accurately. Production Signature Flexible Packaging is expert in all facets of flexible packaging converting.

Delivery You need it fast? Contact our Team Phone: Fax: Info signatureflexible.Roll slitting is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. There are two types of slitting: log slitting and rewind slitting. In rewind slitting the web is unwound and run through the machine, passing through knives or lasers, before being rewound on one or more shafts to form narrower rolls.

The multiple narrower strips of material may be known as mults short for multiple or pancakes if their diameter is much more than their width. For particularly narrow and thin products, the pancakes become unstable, and then the rewind may be onto a bobbin-wound reel: the rewind bobbins are much wider than the slit width and the web oscillates across the reel as it is rewound.

Apart from the stability benefit it is also then possible to put very long lengths, frequently many tens of kilometresonto one bobbin.

Flexible Packaging Manufacture Process

Several methods are available for soft materials like plastic filmstextilesadhesive tapesand paper. Razor bladesstraight, or circular blades are being used.

Some blades cut through the material while others crush the material against a hard roll. Those are similar to knives. The cutting blades can be set to a desired width.

Some machines have many blades and can produce a number of output rolls at once. The slit material is rewound on paper, plastic or metal cores on the exit side of the machine. The process is used because of its low cost and high precision for mass production. Some machines have a program that monitors the blades and sharpens the blades often to maintain the quality and precision of the cut.

The machines can also incorporate extensive automation to precisely control material tension, automatically position the slitting knives, automatically align the cores onto which the material is wound and to reduce manual handling of the rolls. Examples of materials that can be cut this way are: adhesive tape, foam, rubber, paper products, foil, plastics such as tarps and cling wrapglass cloth, fabrics, release liner and film. For harder materials, such as sheet metalblades cannot be used.

Instead, a modified form of shearing is used. Two cylindrical rolls with matching ribs and grooves are used to cut a large roll into multiple narrower rolls. This continuous production process is economical yet precise; usually more precise than most other cutting processes. However, the occurrence of rough edges known as burrs are commonplace on slit edges.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Finishing is the final stage before packaging arrives at your facility, exactly as specified.

Precision cutting or slitting allows many companies to convert different packaging materials, such as tape or plastic film, to a custom size for easier application. Custom-sized products offer many benefits, including reduced product waste, greater design flexibility, and material cost savings. There are many methods of precision cutting and slitting available, so we thought it would be helpful to go over a few of the options for you.

During the rewind slitting process, a master roll is unwound from its original core before it reaches the blades of the slitter. Rewind slitters have the ability to make multiple cuts simultaneously and rewind onto variable core sizes. Lathe slitting is sometimes called log slitting because during the cutting process, an entire master roll is sliced without unwinding the material first.

A large blade cuts into the master roll to create a new roll at the desired width.

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This type of slitting provides rapid conversions and can be programed for high-volume production. During a laser cutting application, a controlled high-power laser is used to create a specific shape or cut in a material. Laser cutting is excellent for providing both the quick creation of prototypes and long runs of an infinite variety of parts on one roll for kit creation. Laser cutting provides the benefit of creating highly controlled micro parts, and there are typically little to no tooling costs.

Die cutting allows for the creation of fast and accurate parts in a variety of shapes and sizes. These parts can then be provided on easy to use rolls or as individual sheets.

During the cutting process, a die press is formed into the specific shape and structure you need to enable compression of a material into that shape. Waterjet cutting is ideal when working with certain materials such as foam, metal, stone, composite, or laminate materials. Waterjet cutting rinses away any fine particles that would gather on cut surfaces, which is common with materials like foam.

Flexible Packaging

This helps better protect products that will be packaged in that material, especially if they have easy to scratch surfaces.

Waterjet cutting also eliminates fracturing, chipping, or thermal stress on a material while reducing most finishing operations. A large XYZ Plotter machine is the right solution for large-scale and nested parts that are made from both flexible and rigid materials — without the need for tooling. A computer moves the knife to create the desired outcome. As you can see, there are many options for businesses who need to convert materials into custom sizes for their application.We provide narrow width slitting and cut-to-length sheeting for tinplate, stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, aluminized steel, red metals, electrical steel and other related products.

Our expertise also includes knowledge of coated products as well as paper interleaving and PVC material. Working with a range of mills, processors, manufacturers, distributors and and traders, we have broad knowledge and flexible production capabilities to fit your specific requirements. With our wide scope of expertise, we can design a successful solution for you.

TSC Processing. Coil Slitting : 3 coil slitting lines and 1 coil trimming line that can produce the best slit edge quality in the industry. Warehousing : Full-service, climate-controlled, ISO certified warehouses with oversq.

Inspection : Quality inspection of material at receiving and during processing. Coil Slitting. Titan Steel operates 3 light-gauge coil slitting lines at our Illinois service center. To maintain the highest quality, our coil slitting lines are engineered with tension stands, looping pits and shimless tooling. All our lines are compliant to process material for the sanitary market.

Capabilities Thickness: 0. Coil Cut-to-Length Sheeting. Our 3 Littell lines can cut over sheets per minute and are equipped with inline edge trimmers. We provide both rectangular and scroll sheeting with the closest tolerances in the industry. Solutions Offered : Seasonal distribution programs Fluctuating space requirements Quality control Product overflow and safety stock Marketplace entry Just-in-time delivery. Contact Us.Diamond Flexible Packaginga premier flexible printing and converting company, provides packaging solutions in color process printing on a wide variety of film gauges and widths.

slitting process in flexible packaging

Diamond Flexible Packaging can take rolls of film — always domestically sourced — and manufacture them into a variety of packages.

From printing to converting, we have everything needed to complete this process. Our years of experience and highly trained employees, guarantee our customers the best result with each of these capabilities. At Diamond Flexible Packaging, we work with customers to provide custom stocking programs. We can combine our capabilities to get you exactly what you need. Learn more about each of our capabilities. We can begin the process by printing on film. Our high-end printing process is now even more efficient and customizable by our newest acquisition, a color high-resolution flexographic printing press.

Please submit the contact form and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. For immediate assistance, please call Diamond Flexible Packaging requires 50, minimum order run. Go to Navigation Go to Content. Made in USA. Flexible Product Packaging. Schedule a Consultation View Capabilities Diamond Flexible Packaginga premier flexible printing and converting company, provides packaging solutions in color process printing on a wide variety of film gauges and widths.

Read More. We can provide precision slitting down to two inches with clean edges guaranteed. The film is transformed into the perfect pouch or bag for your application. Have A Question? Back to Top.The company looks for solutions to improve sustainability, such as the microperforation which extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. Comexi, a global leader in the flexible packaging industry, has the most sophisticated slitting and rewinding machines, and it is constantly innovating in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of its customers and final consumers.

The company offers high value solutions thanks to its expertise in laser, such as microperforation, QR codes, easy-open windows, among others, which give converters the turn-key solution and the added benefit of making life easier for the packaging end user.

In recent years, Comexi has developed modular solutions for S1 slitter range, allowing greater automation of both, the slitting process and the process which immediately follows. This can be the case of conveyors, labelling, weighting, bagging, and palletizing.

The result is the optimization of the process and increase of the customer's production. In many cases, the slitter is the final step of the converting process and the last to be in contact with the reels.

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However, it will still go through a few changes before reaching the final customer. All this post-converting processes, most of which are related to traceability and protection, can significantly undermine the effectiveness of the company if not handled properly.

Connecting the dots between these processes, through customized automated solutions, can lead to a significant increase in productivity. Mainly this is due to the reduction of downtimes. Uptime can also improve through the integration of online-finishing processes with the slitters. Comexi's laser technology facilitates the creation of easy-open applications in some packages without adding any extra processes.

There is an unimaginable number of alternatives, such as scoring triple-opening lines, shapes, etc.

slitting process in flexible packaging

Additionally, the system allows to create window effects in the package allowing the end consumer to see the contents within the packaging.

This creates a more reliable brand perception with a natural and homemade touch. Many brands have used the laser process to communicate this idea by creating a clear plastic film window on a laminated paper pouch. Concerned about everything related to sustainability, Comexi seeks solutions which contribute to improving the environment.

One of these solutions is microperforation, which extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. The FPA Flexible Packaging Association recently published various studies that indicate the extension of shelf-life as a result of suitable flexible packaging with MAP Modified Atmospheres Packaging : the shelf-life of packaged green beans and grapes increases from 7 to 19 days and 7 to 70 days respectively.

The creation of MAP relates to microperforation, a solution that is also developed with laser integrated with a slitter.

slitting process in flexible packaging

Progressively, the Comexi Slitting Business Unit is incorporating all the benefits of Comexi Cloud, the most comprehensive online platform in the market to visualize, compile, analyse, and store data.The flexible packaging industry has long been the biggest market for Slitting machines and rewinders.

The cutting needs to be extremely precise, often in order to closely follow a print design. Cutting machines like the Universal X6 have been designed to offer customers the very best and most accurate control of the slitting and rewinding process.

Whereas most slitter rewinders have two controllable tension zones unwind and rewind the Universal X6 has an additional control zone in the cutting section. This exacting control gives operators the ability to precisely control cutting tension — an innovation directly developed as a result of many years experience of servicing the flexible packaging industry.

In addition to designing and building slitting machines for the flexible packaging industry we also produce salvage winders also known as doctor rewinders.

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Salvage winders are used to either correctly badly wound rolls perhaps from a printing press and can also be used to search for, and remove, defects in printed rolls of flexible packaging materials. More about the Universal X6 Flexible Packaging slitter….

slitting process in flexible packaging

More about the Universal range of salvage winders…. All content Copyright Universal Converting Equipment. Sitemap html Sitemap xml. Home About us Markets served Flexible packaging Flexible packaging The flexible packaging industry has long been the biggest market for Slitting machines and rewinders.


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